Calories Burned – 22 Easy Ways How to Burn More Calories

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With most people leading incredibly busy and demanding lives, many of us don’t get enough time to go to the gym or workout so calories burned in a day drop. For those that do have the time to go to the gym every day, you’re pretty lucky. With a ton of jobs being 8 hours (or more) of sit-behind-a-desk jobs, it’s time to stay healthy by finding alternative ways of how to burn more calories all day long. The good thing is most of the activities listed here are expert approved and guaranteed to give you the results you’re looking for.

Increasing Calories Burned – How to Burn More Calories

To get good results, you need to be consistent in whichever task you’re doing in order to burn more calories. If you can successfully burn at least 100 calories per day, this translates to a whooping 36,500 calories per year; doesn’t that sound good?

It’s also wise to choose an activity you love doing, this way you can have fun and at the same time, get rid of excessive fat. The solution to more calories burned in a day consist of sporting activities, house chores and standard workouts. No doubt, a lot of them require your commitment.

Sit on the Floor

sit on the floor

This sounds weird but sitting on the floor when you’re watching TV as opposed to your favorite couch can help you to burn more calories. Research has proven that when you sit on the floor, your muscles are under pressure because they’re compelled to support your entire body. In addition, you have to spend more energy in order to rise up on your feet each time you want a drink.

Perform Manual Tasks

After being behind your desk all day and attending meetings, try to engage in an energy demanding manual task that will push you to the limits. For instance, if you’re in still in the office, you can choose to file while standing (this takes up 18 calories), rearrange your office space or water your plants when you get home (15 calories).

Hula Hooping – Burn More Calories Easily!

burn more calories

Some of you may not know this little factoid but 20 minutes of hula hooping is enough to burn up to 200 calories. If you’ve been looking for what burns more calories, try swinging your hips. Just make sure to buy an adult-sized hoop because it’s heavier and larger than the one used by children. This way, you can maintain a steady motion. Hula hooping is an extremely fun activity; you can also do it with your children and enjoy yourself as you bond with them.

Dancing – Calories Burned Accelerator

dancing to burn calories

Never underestimate the power of dancing if you want to shed extra calories. As a matter of fact, whether you’re dancing in a club or in your own living room, you can have a fun way to shed 200 calories in just half an hour. The type of music you choose also has an impact; go for fast paced beats and ensure you’re moving throughout the session.

Skiing – Calories Burned

You’ll be surprised that despite skiing in snowy conditions, this intense physical activity will make you sweat. Research shows that 25 minutes of skiing are adequate to relieve you of 200 calories. If you’re going downhill, 5 more minutes of fun will get you the results you’re looking for.  Just don’t use it all up apres ski!

Jumping Rope – How to Burn More Calories

jumping rope to burn calories

If you think jumping rope is a game for kids; you’re mistaken. Jumping rope not only rekindles your childhood memories but is an excellent way to lose weight. With just 20 minutes of jumping rope, you can benefit a great deal by burning more than 200 calories. Trying to jump rope at different speeds and intervals which can help you to tone up your muscles bringing about a huge difference in your overall appearance. If you don’t have a jump rope or don’t know how to do it, you only need to mimic the movements; you’ll still achieve good results.  (This is one that I love and just don’t do often enough…..)

Exercise Your Legs

If you didn’t know this, your legs play an important role if you’re looking for a way of how to burn more calories. Your legs are classified as body parts that utilize the most energy in the body. Therefore, try to incorporate leg exercises such as leg squat, leg press and leg extension. To burn more calories, you can combine a leg exercise with an upper-body workout; your legs will be forced to stretched to the limit.  It won’t take much time to do this and the results will be fantastic!

Exercise Just a Little Longer – How to Burn More Calories

exercise to burn calories

Whether you’re running, using a treadmill or climbing a flight of stairs, try to add some few minutes to your normal workout period; they could be as little as 5 minutes but they’ll make a huge difference. A few more minutes of workout could make you lose an extra 100 calories.

Calories Burned Biking

biking to burm more calories

We all love biking because it’s fun to cycle around the neighborhood in the evening and on weekends. If you’re looking for what burns more calories, a lot of people don’t realize casual cycling is a great exercise that can help you to burn in excess of 100 calories just for cycling for 23 minutes. This is an exciting and simple way of staying fit and healthy.

Mowing the Lawn

A lot of people prefer to delegate this task to someone else to do it. However, did you know that by mowing your own lawn for 20 minutes, you stand a chance to lose approximately 100 calories? Instead of delegating, find some free time and do this task yourself, it will be beneficial for you.  Now we do not recommend using a seated mower if you want so real results.  The push – pull of an electric and even better, manual lawn mower will definitely help you burn off more calories and get a great lawn in the process!


painting to burn calories

Giving your house a new coat of paint not only restores its look but also goes a long way towards improving your health. Research has proven that painting for 18 minutes will help you lose approximately 100 calories.

Washing a Car – How to Burn More Calories

Many of us like taking our cars to professional car washing places for cleaning.  And some even have them come to the house! When you decide to wash your car by yourself, this is plenty of exercise to help you lose extra calories. Washing a car for 20 minutes enables you to burn more calories (approximately 100 calories).  Are you seeing how these activities can add up and make a difference?

Yard Cleaning – Calories Burned

yard cleaning to burn calories

You can personally clean your yard and at the same time, burn off a good amount of calories. For instance, raking leaves for approximately 23 minutes will help you shed off 100 calories. Likewise, weeding the garden will make you lose another 100 calories.  Imagine what you can do within one hour?

Water Aerobics

water aerobics to burn calories

Water aerobics is an excellent choice if you want to exercise in the pool. 23 minutes of continuous exercising is adequate enough and lets you burn another 100 calories.


swimming to burn caloriesSwimming is an excellent activity for anyone interested in losing weight. In fact, many weight loss experts recommend swimming as one of the best guaranteed ways to burn calories. 15 minutes of moderate swimming per day is sufficient to make you burn more calories; 100 calories.  Plus the muscle tone that you can get from swimming is incredible!

Household Chores – Calories Burned Daily

Instead of sitting in the house and doing nothing, try to be active and engage in simple household activities that will enable you to burn calories. For instance, household activities such as cleaning and arranging the house for 14 minutes, rearranging furniture for 14 minutes and cooking for slightly over half an hour will help you shed 100 calories for each activity. All the three tasks combined translate to the burning of 300 calories.


sports to burn calories

You don’t need to be a sports professional to benefit from participating in various sports activities. There are numerous sports you can engage in as a hobby and still be able to burn a lot of calories. If you’re looking for what burns more calories, try playing basketball for 20 minutes, bowling for 30 minutes, 15 minutes of golfing or casual soccer for 13 minutes among other sports activities you love doing. Every sport mentioned has the ability to help you shed approximately 100 calories in a very short time period; you just need to choose what makes you most comfortable and is most fun.

Playing with Your Children

play with children- burn calories

A lot of parents play with their children for bonding purposes. However, taking time to interact with your children means you’re engaging in physical activity that can help you to burn more calories. For instance, playing with your children for 23 minutes and carrying an infant for 24 minutes each contributes to burning another 100 calories.


shopping- burn calories

Many of us love going for shopping but what we don’t know is shopping contributes to loss of calories because you’re participating in an activity that compels you to move from one place to another. A shopping trip of approximately 40 minutes can help you to shed 100 calories.  Of course, that assumes that you aren’t just standing in a checkout line the entire time.

Walking Your Dog

Are you getting your favorite furry friend out for a walk regularly?  Curious about the number of calories burned walking? Dog owners love to interact and bond with their dogs by frequently taking them out for walks. Aside from making use of this time to have fun with your dog, 26 minutes of doing this activity will burn more calories than just 100 so get out there today!

Lifting of Weights – Calories Burned

lifting weight to burn calories

Strength training is and has always been a key factor that facilitates burning of extra calories. If you’re looking for ways of how to burn more calories, try lifting heavier weights daily, it will help you to get rid of an extra 200 calories per day.

Chew Gum – How to Burn More Calories

chewing gum to burn calories

This may sound unbelievable but research has proved that people who love chewing gum tend to burn 5 to 8% more calories compared to those who don’t chew gum. Furthermore, studies also show gum chewing helps to curb cravings especially for snacks. This can help you consume 68 less calories because you’ll eat less.

So, that’s our list of calories burned and ideas to help you burn more calories every day. Which ones are your favorites?